Services & Projects

Development Projects

We have successfully developed customized items for our customers

Assemblies based on Customer Drawing

We have the ability and capability to develop and manufacture hydraulic assemblies based on customer drawings as well as based on samples through reverse engineering. The Assemblies manufactured based on Customer drawings are ASM 100, ASM 160, ASM 200, ASM 250 actuators for the HP Bypass Main Valve and Spray Valve used in Thermal Power plants

Assemblies manufactured by Reverse Engineering

We have developed the prototypes by Reverse Engineering for the following assemblies based on samples:

  • Electro-Hydraulic Actuator for Leak steam/ Seal steam valves in Thermal Power Plants
  • Bypass Limit Controller used in the turbine governing rack

BOOSTER FOR PA/FD FAN with Hydraulic Rotating Union– Developed thru Reverse Eng.


Manufacturing by learning thru technical collaboration

We have had a technical collaboration with Swiss Companies for manufacturing of Servo Valves & Blocking Elements for the HP Bypass System used in Thermal Power Plants. The same is being continued to be manufactured in India by us