Quick Stroking Device

Hydraulic valve used for open and closing of actuators with 2-3 seconds.

  • TYPE : SSB10, SSB16

Proportional Valve

Direct operated valve to control the flow of oil to the actuation. This is an integrated array with a blocking function to hold the actuator at the desired position for main valve & spray valve

Axial Piston Pump

This is a fixed displacement pump with 210 operating pressure and with 12 & 24 ltrs flow.

  • TYPE : 12 & 24 LTRS
  • Quantity Supplied : 400 No’s

Position Feedback Transmitter(Push Button Type)

  • TYPE : 12 & 24 LTRS

Position Feedback Transmitter

  • TYPE : RSG 10, RSG10+2K, RSG10+4K, RSG15+4k, RSG16+4K
  • Quantity Supplied : 1500 No’s

Pressure Switch Assembly

  • TYPE : FOR OV32B
  • Quantity Supplied : 500 No’s

Test Bench

  • We have Test Bench for pressure applying up to 1000 bar pressure.
  • It is testing and calculating of servo valves and proportional valve.
  • Static and dynamic testing of hydraulic used for blade pitch control.
  • Hydraulic test booster for checking flow and pressure of pumps.