Gun Elevation Hydraulics

Gun elevation Hydraulics is an assembly which controls the position of the gun barrel of the tank. The position is stabilized by a Precision electromagnet assembly.

Pedestal XAPAR

Pedestal XAPAR is an electro-mechanical assembly which consists of Azimuth and elevation drives. This assembly is used in Navel guns and it uses the radar system to identify the targets.

Roller Support Assembly

Roller support assembly is an assembly that supports the upper side track of the tanks. It consists of Hub & Hub spindle aligned in a straight line through bearings and it rotates with the speed of the track. Rubber is moulded on the outer surface of the Roller wheel to support the track.

Cylinder With Valve

Cylinder with valve is an assembly which supplies the compressed air to various parts of the tank. Aviation compressor produces the compressed air and the air is stored in cylinder with valve assembly. Cylinder with valve has pneumatic working pressure of 150bar.

Gas valve

These high Pressure Valves are constructed of stainless steel bodies and are intended for use in high-pressure air-charged units such as shock absorber struts, hydraulic pressure accumulators and pneumatic systems. These valves have a special feature, which warns of unreleased air pressure when the valve is being separated from the outlet.

Elevations Servo Package for MBT Arjun Tank

  • It is a hydraulic relay which has a relay valve, a lock valve for controlling the position of the young hand operated hydraulic pumps.
  • It is used in case of failure of main pump for adjusting the correct position manually.